My Teaching Philosophy

In the classroom I have 3 – 4 whiteboards. (Not digital). Usually after I solve an example on the board in cooperation with the class I ask 3 – 4 students to do similar exercises on the whiteboards. When an error is commited I stop the work so that the error can be discussed and avoided in the future.Usually the students that start working are the average ones, the weak ones will go on “round 2”, this way they had time to observe “round 1” and feel more confident. The strong students are rarely called to the board. Between the “rounds” I give the students time in case they want to copy the solutions.

I always assign a couple of exercises as HW, not much, but daily.

The students learn to see that if they can do an exercise on the board then they can do it anywhere. They learn to enjoy the board and like the fact that all their classwork stays with them in their workbook.

One more thing, I have on the wall a " 1 - Common errors sign.pdf (64,5 kB)" poster with 17 common errors comitted by students, it has been very useful and I would say that after 6 months, most of these errors have disappeared.




In order to motivate students I like to use music, I have a website dedicated to digital sound. Feel free to use it with your students, it shows how a WAV file is in reality a matrix of numbers that can be manipulated in order to transform sound. It also shows how can trigonometric functions be used to generate sound with a certain frequency.

At the moment it´s only in Spanish.